Monday, 11 April 2011

When I Am Sad

I'm different. 
People used to tell me not to do this when I'm blue. 
I totally ignore. 
I keep on doing this.
I cried every time I did this.
But I still carry on doing this.

Ahh ok guys,  enough....trying to write a poem but failed miserably right.
But yes now im still in my sad blue mood. Terbawa2 rindu semalam.
What i normally do when I'm sad? Check this out.

Sorry kalau load time lama sangat k...

Yup.. this is what I do. LISTENING to some SENTIMENTAL songs.

Mula-mula, masuk bilik berkurung.
Then, pasang lagu.
Pastu, dengar sambil menangis puas-puas.
Finally, bila da puas nangis basuh muka dan tidur.

I like it this way. Xda sapa yng faham hati kita kan. Kita mengadu even sama insan paling dekat pun macam x puas hati. So, ya this helps me a lot.
Tolong jangan sangka FA ni mental disorder ok. Hehehhehe...
I think some of you can relate to this..Am I right?

Entri macam pelik kan...


missSenget said... [Reply]

sedih kenapa sis FA???

.:|kamaryeah|:. said... [Reply]

kuatkan hati ya~
bila rindu tue mmg susah skit nk digambarkan dgn kata~ hee~

gunsirit said... [Reply]

I can relate to what you are feeling..sya pun suka dengar lagu ni..if I am feeling blue, I too like too look back and reflect. Relax ko..there will always be a sunshine after a storm..:)

Fantastic Ajane said... [Reply]

@misssenget: rindu family miss..:)

Fantastic Ajane said... [Reply]

@kamaryeah: ha ah la mar...hanya mampu mengalirkan air mata..:)

Fantastic Ajane said... [Reply]

@gunsirit: tq for ur words k..made my day..:)