Thursday, 21 April 2011

Blogging In Tears

My happy Thursday morning turned out to be the worst of all Thursdays, I guess.
My Niau's gone.
She's gone and never be back.
I have no choice but to accept the fact.
The fact that after today, Niau will never be there outside the car again waiting for me to come out.
The fact that there's no more Niau rubbing head on my feet greeting and welcoming me home.
I missed her already...
I missed seeing her waiting patiently in front of her food bowl, while I put my bags inside before grabbing her food.
I missed playing with her after bath, missed the way she play catch and bite happily, rolling as she likes.
I wont be making milk for her evening meal today... and i missed doing that already.
Im terribly sad.. but my regret lingered even stronger.
My wish never come true.
I bought the camcorder...had it already for a few days.  
Snapped a few photos but deleted it back then.
Until today.. even at the very last breath of her.. I never had a chance to take photos or videos of her.
Yesterday we got the key to our new home. We are moving out in few days time... had this conversation with hubby, which side will be the playing ground for Niau.
We had even sketched the look of her play ground.
And today, she's gone.

I remembered hubby ever said jokingly.."Kita kasi tinggal saja la Si Niau sini".
I was soooo annoyed that time even though i knew he was just pulling my leg.
What we thought a joke seems to come true..
Niau's staying. Niau's not following.
Because she was safe.. buried in front of this house where we live now.

Niau..missed you already.



deDetz said... [Reply]

whuaa~ jangan la kaka sedih2 lagi..
cheer up OK? =)

fisa othman said... [Reply]

what happens to Niau...?

don b sad k..

Fantastic Ajane said... [Reply]

@ deDetz: tq sis..:)

Fantastic Ajane said... [Reply]

@fisa: she got rammed down by car... FA lambat kejap je ari ni..agakny dia fikir FA yang balik...sedihny fisa..

AkieZecky said... [Reply]

jgn sedih2

.:|kamaryeah|:. said... [Reply]

xmo sedih2 k FA~
nnt mesti ade penggantinya~

fisa othman said... [Reply]

oh my...teringat kat Bengal d rumah pulak...uhuksss...

i know what u feel rite now...:(

Wen said... [Reply]

adedede kesian pla sa baca cerita ko sis.. sabar ja la... apa bulih buat... try la cari kucing lain... even tak sama dengan Niau...

echaRierie said... [Reply]

alala sis..
sedih plak baca tau..
jan sedih2 ya sis..terikut2 plak sdih ni..hehe

afifi said... [Reply]

cian nya.... xpe jgn sdey2 lg ye

uLan said... [Reply]

aduii.. fishy uLan mati pun uLan cry macam ape... ini kan pet yang manja... faham perasaan fa... huhuhu sedih juga baca cerita fa nie...