Sunday, 10 April 2011

Malaysia My Home

Hey all...Have you ever heard about MALAYSIA before even came across this blog? For those who are wondering where Malaysia is on the map, kindly check out the map below.

Map of Malaysia

We live peacefully here eventhough there are variety of races living in side by side.
This has been going on for years and thats what I really love about Malaysia. There are three main races here the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians. However, there are other races that are residing here too including the indigenous people. I myself isn't from the main three. Im a Kadazandusun girl who brought up a Christian.

Living among different races makes my country one of the riches country in terms of cultures, languages and even foods. We tend to enjoy every second of our life because of this. 

I hope to provide you as many tips as i can in all sorts of things. 
Hope this will help you become a natural lover.

Please pardon my English. Im still working on my grammar.


echaRierie said... [Reply]

waa sis macam cikgu sejarah sdh ni..
hehe ..
btw, lain sdh gaya penulisan sis r ?