Tuesday, 8 March 2011

International Women's Day

I got tagged again today. From the same person yesterday.. the ever beautiful Michelle Sung. I believe this was originaly from aemy..:)

I supposed to post this earlier today but because I had something else to do outside so postponded to RIGHT NOW. 5 minutes before this day ended..Sempat ka x ni???

Happy International Women Day my fellow female friends here. Be always glad that we are women..strong and powerful women. Yes, we always will be kan...

Entri macam mau cepattttt.. but truth is everyday is a women day. So guys yang FA feel free to grab this award anytime you want ok....

Peace out...... Roger and out...


ieda said... [Reply]

tq dik .. terharu sbb dpt award womend day nie .. nanti akak amik yaaa :)) muah3

Fantastic Ajane said... [Reply]

@ieda: heeh ok sis... anytime k..:)

gunsirit said... [Reply]

Happy International Women's Day to you..:)

Fantastic Ajane said... [Reply]

@Gunsirit: TQ... :)

alexa yussida said... [Reply]

happy womens day too...thank u FA,,sorry baru smpt mai jenguk link nih..teheee:)

Fantastic Ajane said... [Reply]

@alexa: hi alexa..busy ye..Xpe take ur time k..:0 hope u r ok there.mis u la...:)